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Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Children

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a common tradition among adults in the New Year. We see to it that we have accomplished all of them or most of them before the year ends. It is one of the effective ways to set goals for the entire year and end the year more fulfilled. But this … Continue reading

Why Children Love the Christmas Season

For most children, Christmas is their most anticipated season. It is the time of the year when they don’t think about the rest of the days to come including daycare responsibilities, but just simply enjoy the festive vibes this season has brought. There are many other holidays to look forward to, but Christmas is different … Continue reading

Fun Christmas Activities That Children Will Love

Finally! It’s Christmas season. Most kids anticipate this season because of the festive vibes around – the Christmas carols, pretty decorations, family get-togethers, and of course, holiday sweets and foods. Looking for fun Christmas activities to do with your kids? Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, a Preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana, wishes all children to have … Continue reading

Activities That Kindle Gratitude in Children This Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving marks the holiday of the year that gives us chance to be thankful for everything we have in life. It is not only a mere day that comes with foods, friends, and fiestas, but it is also a great time to celebrate, make new memories, and express gratitude as we reminisce cherished times with … Continue reading

Key Reasons Why Family Time Is Important for Children

Quality time is paramount in building stronger familial relationships. Playing activities, sharing stories, and just being together as a family make a difference to a child and can have a profound effect on their mental, emotional, and social well-being. How much family time do you spend together each day? No, watching TV together while on … Continue reading

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Back to School Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

It’s back to school! Your child is probably feeling excited about going to school or getting a little nervous about the new things they’ll encounter like new friends or teachers. If you are looking for a preschool to enroll your child, you may consider Creative Minds, a Preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana. We provide parents with … Continue reading

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