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Autumn-Themed Gross Motor Activities

Autumn-Themed Gross Motor Activities

Autumn can be a magical season for everyone. There’s so much to see, observe, and experience! And while keeping in mind that sending your children to daycare helps in developing their cognitive skills, there are still a variety of activities you can do together at home.

Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, your trusted preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana, offers you this list of gross motor activities you and your kid can do during the fall season!

  • The Boot, Scoot, n’ Shuffle
    Look for a pair of boots that are bigger than what your child would normally wear. When playing, let them shuffle their feet to make artistic footsteps on the fallen leaves. This helps improve your child’s balance, strength, and sensory integration.
  • Mini Pumpkin Toss
    Ask your child to toss one pumpkin up gently and then catch it. Toss and catch a few more times so she can get the feel of the pumpkin. This helps in developing their hand-and-eye coordination.
  • Acorn Hopscotch
    It’s just like hopscotch but with a nutty twist! Draw two hopscotch boards on the pavement. Write names of exercises on each square, e.g., jumping jacks, frog jumps, etc. This helps with balance and coordination.

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