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Category Archives: Child Development

Nurturing Empathy

Empathy is one of the things that make human beings unique among the animal kingdom. It is the foundation to what it means to be a human in modern society. As such, it is important for parents to nurture this trait in their children early on. This is because empathy is something that is learned … Continue reading

A Safe Environment to Young Learners

It is natural to every parent for wanting what’s best for their little ones. They want to give them the best that they could and make sure that they are being enrolled in learning centers that will help them in their developing years, keep them safe at all times, and guide them as they learn … Continue reading

“Superpowers” You Can Give to Your Children

Having a healthy mind and body can bring us far and help us be invincible. Children should learn the value of their overall health as early as possible. We can teach our children that superheroes are who they are because they take care of their bodies and mental health, which makes them defeat all kinds … Continue reading

What Your Child Learns During Arts and Crafts

Have you ever wondered why arts and crafts are always included in early childhood education? While this activity may seem like a simple and fun pastime for children it is essential activity for your child to learn various skills at their own pace. As a daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana we often find that our students … Continue reading

Music’s Role in Child Development

Music has always been present since the day we are born and even long before that. It is integrated into our daily lives and it makes living a lot more enjoyable. For children, such is also the case and so much more. Introducing music in early childhood helps in facilitating a child’s holistic development. The … Continue reading

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