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Music’s Role in Child Development

Music’s Role in Child Development

Music has always been present since the day we are born and even long before that. It is integrated into our daily lives and it makes living a lot more enjoyable. For children, such is also the case and so much more. Introducing music in early childhood helps in facilitating a child’s holistic development. The following are the roles music play in a certain aspect of a child’s development process:

  • It develops cognitive skills

    Learning and singing songs improves a child’s language acquisition skills, helps them speak more clearly and it widens their vocabulary. Moreover, according to the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, learning a musical instrument helps improve a child’s mathematical skills. As a provider of childcare in Louisiana, we incorporate music in our curriculum to make learning more effective and fun.

  • It develops social and emotional skills

    For parents, singing songs or lullabies to your children develops the bond and intimacy within your family. Moreover, singing songs in two parts teaches a child to connect with another person. Since the social and emotional development already started at home, when your child already attends daycare, he/she already knows how to bond with other children.

  • It develops motor skills

    Music has a constant partner and it is dancing. Once a child enjoys music, learning how to dance to the rhythm of songs is just around the corner. Dancing improves a child’s physical and motor skills. It enhances the brain and body connection.

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