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Parent Turn Homeschooler: Learning in the Time of COVID-19

Parent Turn Homeschooler: Learning in the Time of COVID-19

With schools suspending operations across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, organizations are trying to come up with ways to continue providing quality education to their students.
Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, as a provider of the best-quality Early Childhood Education is here to offer some tips for homeschooling parents to keep their kids engaged and interested.

  • Know what’s comfortable for your kid.
    Most kids function differently in various learning environments. If your child learns better in groups, look for an online study session where they can interact with other kids.
  • Encourage passion projects.
    This is the perfect time for kids to pursue interests they didn’t have time to focus on in the past.
  • Set a designated learning area for your child to reduce distractions.
  • Give your child some time to enjoy the things they are fond of doing.
    This is a good time to distress for everyone. If you need to take a break and watch a movie to get through the day, that’s completely okay.

Enrolling your children in a professional Preschool in Louisiana is one of the most effective ways to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, equipping them for the future.
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