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Talking About Feelings with Children

Talking About Feelings with Children

It is normal for kids to have all sorts of feelings such as fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, and disappointment – we have all gone through the same things growing up. The parent’s responsibility here is to help their children cope with big feelings, to teach them how to calm themselves in difficult situations involving complex emotions.
Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville a trusted provider of top-quality Early Childhood Education is here to give you a couple of suggestions on how to help your child manage feelings.

  • Talk About Emotions
    When your child encounters a new emotion, he might feel confused and even frustrated at first. Help him recognize and label his feelings so that the next time he experiences it again, he will know what it is and what he can do to ease it.
  • Be a Positive Role Model
    Children mimic what they see from their surroundings. By showing them that you too feel the same emotions he feels can alleviate feelings of being alone. Show him that if you can do it, so can he.
  • Support Your Child Wherever, Whenever
    Sometimes, a hug and some gentle encouragement are what all your child needs to cope with big feelings. Let your child know that no matter what happens, they can count on you.

Daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana is a great place to jumpstart your child’s education, to help him conquer the challenges he may face later in life.
For more information about the programs we have at our preschool in Louisiana, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here.

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