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Tips for Teachers: Nap Time Struggles

Tips for Teachers: Nap Time Struggles

Naps are an essential part of the programs here at Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville. But we have to admit, getting kids ready for nap time is not a walk in the park.
As a teacher, we know you want to make sure that the children under your care are well-rested and ready to take on the day’s lessons. This is why our Daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana is going to share a few tips and tricks that experts have used for getting lively little pumpkins to nap:

  • Make naptime look like nighttime. The presence of sunlight may make nap time a challenge for some children. Turning down the shades and dimming the lights can help.
  • Establish a wind-down period. Try changing the mood in the classroom an hour before nap-time. You can do this by speaking calmly and quietly, and minimizing the volume of your speakers if you’re playing music inside the classroom.
  • Try out storytime apps. Storytime apps are interactive ways that help relax children when it’s time for a nap. You can choose stories about animals falling asleep, which encourages your students to do the same.

These tips aren’t only limited to children attending Early Childhood Education. Parents can use these at home as well.
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