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Why Naps Benefit Infants

Why Naps Benefit Infants

Sleeping is a necessary activity for everyone, whether they are adults, children, or infants. Aside from keeping us refreshed and energized for the day, sleep allows our bodies to rest, repair itself, store new memories, etc. In addition to this routine, taking naps during the day has its benefits, too.
Being a daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana, we see first-hand the benefits of naps in infants. We provide the infants in our care with many activities to stimulate learning and curiosity. However, if the infants do not have time to rest and recharge, they cannot benefit from the events and activities that we have prepared for them. According to a relatively recent study, the memory performance of infants who took their naps was higher than that of infants who did not.
Apart from the intellectual benefits, there also seems to be emotional benefits as well. In one study, when toddlers skipped just one regular afternoon nap, an increase in the expression of negative emotions such as anxiety was present. Any competent preschool in Louisiana knows that infants develop better with positive emotions.
All of us at Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville believe that the development of infants contributes to their development as children later in life. For this reason, we believe in the benefits of napping during early childhood education. If you would like to talk to us about how best to jumpstart your children’s education, please let us know by contacting us at 337-857-7224.

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