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Easy Ways Children Can Do to Protect the Mother Nature

With the growing concern about climate change, it’s an awesome move to talk and encourage your children to be concerned about the environment. Nurturing their love for nature early in life can help them become responsible adults in the future. Of course, they can learn lots of things if you’ll enroll them at a reputable … Continue reading

Booster Foods for Your Child’s Brain Development

According to studies of child’s nutrition, the lack of nutrients during development stages may affect the children’s growth both cognitively and socially. Susie Burrell, Bellamy’s ambassador, pediatric nutritionist, and dietitian says that while eating healthy has positive health benefits, teaching, and training children about the value of nutrition immediately after they can comprehend are “especially … Continue reading

Dr. Seuss Books Are More Than Rhymes and Made Up Words

Dr. Seuss books, poems, and stories are not only fun to read for your children but also they have more benefits than just laughs and giggles. Written and published over 60 children’s books like The Cat In A Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel’a writing style can be beneficial and positive … Continue reading

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Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

After we eat, the bacteria in our mouth will go crazy over the sugar from food. After which, the bacteria release harmful acids in the mouth that eat away our tooth enamel, causing cavities. The bacteria also cause gingivitis, a gum disease that leads to red, swollen gums which are very common to children who … Continue reading

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Reasons to Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Celebrating the 100th day of school has become a very popular celebration in the last 10 years. Even though the date of celebration varies from school to school, most institutions like Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, a Preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana, celebrate the day around mid-February through doing fun activities, learning new concepts, or sharing … Continue reading

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Snow Facts That Children Want to Know

Besides the fun winter activities and holiday excitement, there is one more thing that adds joy to children this New Year – the snow. For children, snow gives them so much bliss. They love playing with it, scrunching it, making snowballs, and building a snowman. At Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, a Preschool in Youngsville, … Continue reading

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