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Booster Foods for Your Child’s Brain Development


According to studies of child’s nutrition, the lack of nutrients during development stages may affect the children’s growth both cognitively and socially.

Susie Burrell, Bellamy’s ambassador, pediatric nutritionist, and dietitian says that while eating healthy has positive health benefits, teaching, and training children about the value of nutrition immediately after they can comprehend are “especially important in shaping small children’s food habits long term.”

“It is likely to be several interrelated factors. However, one of the key ones is that a diet low in essential nutrients including fatty acids, good quality proteins, and micronutrients directly impacts cognitive development,” she added when talking about the lack of the right food in children under 5 which can affect them in various ways.

Burrell also says that eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. She said thats, “Eating well comes down to food planning, smart shopping and knowing where to get your essential nutrients for less. For example, try tinned salmon and frozen vegetables instead of fresh – to help reduce weekly costs. Also, try to make protein go the distance and utilize nutrient-rich food such as eggs, turkey and legumes.“

Now, what types of foods should your kids to boost their brain development?

“Important foods to boost brain development include fish for omega 3’s, zinc and iodine; and good quality protein via lean meat, turkey and eggs. Feeding your kids whole grains such as brown bread, oats, and legumes for fiber, amino acids, and energy, is also extremely important for boosting brain development.”, Burrell answered.

Healthy habits like targetting nutrition in preparing meals are as important as teaching kids early about their benefits. As a Preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana, Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville advice parents to prioritize teaching kids the importance of eating healthy and what kinds of foods that have the best health benefits.

With the help of our Childcare in Louisiana, you can have access to parent’s tips and advice for healthy child upbringing.

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