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Dr. Seuss Books Are More Than Rhymes and Made Up Words


Dr. Seuss books, poems, and stories are not only fun to read for your children but also they have more benefits than just laughs and giggles.

Written and published over 60 children’s books like The Cat In A Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel’a writing style can be beneficial and positive to your child’s development, especially their language skills, creativity, and imagination.

These write-ups target both the child’s development of vocabulary, sound, and creative thinking skills. These factors develop learning that is fun, beneficial, and harmless. Because most of the set focuses on a child’s environment, his stories can easily be interpreted and comprehended by kids.

These stories work wonders by:

  • Introducing rhythm and rhymes that help children understand and mimic the language.

    According to Professor LouAnn Gerken, Ph.D., an Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science and a Director of the Tweety Language Development Lab, the English language usually consists of iambic pentameter. This means the rhythm can be written as Da DUM on several repetitions.

    She also added that given the style of his writing, Dr. Seuess wrote most often exclusively in the anapest meter. This means two short syllables followed by a long one. According to professionals in language development, this pattern helps children to understand language more precisely and easily.

  • Introducing made up words that help children in developing creativity and differentiating unique letter/word sounds.

    Maria Nikolajeva, a Cambridge Professor, said that made up words actually do wonders for a child’s development.

    “Puns, linguistic inventions and fantastical names given to characters and places in fiction also allow children to understand the symbolic meaning of words.”, she added.

    When tackling about a child’s ability to formulate sounds to create words, che cited, “The Dr. Seuss books, meanwhile, are said to provide a “perfect training in verbal competence” through their tongue-twisting rhymes and made-up animals. Younger readers learn to put words and concepts together because each imaginary creature is accompanied in the books by a picture.”

As a Preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana, Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville believes that simple ways like choosing what book your children read have a huge impact on development and learning.

These factors can easily be achieved when you know exactly which appropriate daycare your child spends most of his time to shape his/her abilities.
For more information, contact our Childcare in Louisiana so we can discuss your child’s needs.

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