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Benefits of Teaching Through Positive Reinforcement


Minimizing negative behaviors is often associated with giving out punishments for bad behavior. However, it has been proven that positive reinforcement does a better job at minimizing negative behavior and encouraging good behavior. This is particularly important in Early Childhood Education.

As a Preschool in Louisiana here are some of the benefits we find upon using positive reinforcement in our teaching method:

  • It boosts the child’s self-confidence
    Getting in trouble from previous mistakes can make a child unsure about how they behave. Providing praise when they do something well lets them gain confidence and encourages them to continue the behavior that was praised.
  • Minimizes negative behaviors
    It is normal for children to get into trouble and make mistakes from time to time. They may also lash out to gain attention. Instead of providing negative attention for these tantrums, positive reinforcement provides timeouts to minimize these negative behaviors.
  • Motivates children to do better in the future
    Little words of affirmation can motivate a child when they are feeling down. Providing positive reinforcement as they learn and grow helps motivate them to do better.
  • It reaffirms to children that their parents or role models care
    While we definitely care about our children, children still need affirmation to know that their parents are proud of them and are interested in what they are doing.

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