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What Is a Child’s Emotional Cup?


Every child is likened to a cup that needs to be filled with love, affection, attention, adventure, security, and many more. Early childhood education can also be a big factor for children to learn how to fill their cups and when to re-fill them. This educational program for children can help develop character.


So what fills a child’s cup?

  • play and friendship
  • love and affection
  • letting them do what they love and choose to do
  • connection

On the other hand, what empties them?

  • stress
  • punishment and yelling
  • rejection and isolation
  • failure
  • doing what they hate and don’t want to do

When a child’s cup is empty, they can misbehave to get the attention they are longing for. There are a lot of instances that will show you that they need a refill in their emotional cup. Enrolling your child in a preschool can be very helpful for them to maintain a well-filled cup.


A preschool in Louisiana offers programs for children of different ages that encourage the development of a child’s skill and nurturing their character, making sure that they get the friendship, love, affection, and joy to keep their cups full.


We are Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, a licensed type 1 center that uses a refined curriculum through the years that proved to be very helpful in child development.


As a daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana, we dedicate ourselves to take the necessary steps for a child to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skill that can be their armor as they journey in life.


If you are interested in more about us, please give us a call, we are ready to provide you the essential detail and information you need.

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