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Discover the Benefits of Play in Your Child’s Development


It may not seem like it but children who engage in playtime activities learn new skills and build on existing ones. Whenever your child brings out his or her toys or plays tag with other kids, they benefit from the power of play. As an established daycare in Louisiana, we will share the amazing benefits of play in your child’s development:

  • Promotes effective communication
    When children engage in playtime activities, they learn how to get along and listen to others. This teaches kids how to communicate their ideas or thoughts effectively. Playtime also encourages teamwork as kids work towards a shared goal. This fosters effective communication skills while developing their social skills.
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
    Without confidence, young children will find it challenging to take small risks and try new activities which can hinder valuable learning experiences. Kids usually build their confidence and self-esteem with the awareness that their needs are important to their parents. Once they reach nursery school or preschool age, they start to engage in play. This reinforces the trust that their parents and other adults in their lives have while also giving them the confidence to handle themselves.
  • Foster imagination and creativity
    During playtime, kids learn how to use their imagination through make-believe games. This allows them to act out various situations while learning how to adapt to each game’s rules. That is why early childhood education providers encourage playtime to nurture children’s creativity.

Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville is your reliable partner in your child’s early education and development. As an established preschool in Youngsville, Louisiana, we offer several programs that offer structured learning opportunities with fun-filled activities to nurture a young learner’s mind. Reach out to us for inquiries on enrollment or our curriculum.

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