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How to Handle Complaints About School


Almost every child will complain about school at some point in their academic career. It could be that they are simply echoing one of their classmate’s concerns. Or maybe they are exaggerating a fleeting experience of confusion or frustration with school.

At Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, we’ve heard plenty of variations of common school complaints from students. As a licensed Preschool in Louisiana, we’ve made a list of simple ways parents can handle complaints about school to help their children reach better resolutions.

  • Complaint 1: Why do I have to go to school?

    Decoding Your Child’s Words: Like many complaints you may have heard from your child, this one is vague and requires further looking into to understand. Your child could be feeling overwhelmed by activities happening at school or at home.
    Instead of getting defensive and telling your child off, you can say “Why are you asking that?” This way he’ll feel invited to express himself to you.

  • Complaint 2: I hate homework!

    Decoding Your Child’s Words: Even parents can admit that most homework was never fun to do. Still, there could be several other reasons why your child may not want to do/finish their homework for Daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana.
    Instead of forcing them to sit down and get done with it, ask your child if they want to do their homework when they’re in a better mood. You may also ask them if they want help with the subject.

  • Complaint 3: I don’t like getting up early!

    Decoding Your Child’s Words: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, many children and teens are sleep deprived because of the early starts that most Early Childhood Education programs follow.
    Instead of yelling at your child or calling him/her “lazy,” you can help by making sure they have a regular bedtime that provides enough rest for them each night.

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