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Proper Oral Care After a Baby Tooth Falls Out

Proper Oral Care After a Baby Tooth Falls Out

There are a few things that we as parents should do to ease the discomfort our children might feel after their first baby tooth falls out. Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville, a life-long partner and trusted provider of Early Childhood Education is here to give parents some tips on proper oral care for after their children’s baby tooth falls out.
If your child’s baby tooth falls out cleanly, you can normally just wrap it up in tissue or some other paper and put it in a safe place for the tooth fairy to find, later. However, if your child experiences excessive bleeding or has a blood condition, our Daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana recommends you moisten a tea bag or a small piece of gauze and asking your child to bite down on either. Tell them no to touch, lick, or pick at the affected gum are and avoid the spot when brushing their teeth for the next two days.
Additionally, our Preschool in Louisiana suggests you give them soft foods to eat so it’s easy for them to eat.
If the bleeding continues for two hours or over, contact your dentist.

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