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What Dr. Seuss Says About Trying New Food

What Dr. Seuss Says About Trying New Food

As parents, you’re all probably familiar with how difficult it is to get your child to try new food, especially if this food has vegetables. Often, we might have to bribe them with something sweet like ice cream or candy, just so they say yes to eating their greens.
“Green Eggs and Ham” is a comical tale focused on an unnamed character who is being coaxed by Sam-I-Am to try a new dish. And just like all other kids, it wasn’t easy to have him agree.
Creative Minds Preschool of Youngsville knows how important variety is when it comes to healthy eating. The more color there is on your plate, the better the chances of your child getting the right and proper nutrients he or she needs for optimum development.
That is why enrolling your child into a trusted Daycare in Youngsville, Louisiana might not be such a bad idea.
Skilled caretakers and teachers for Preschool in Louisiana can guide your children into eating better foods and trying new and healthy dishes, just like Sam-I-Am. All it takes is a little coaxing, trust, and encouragement.
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